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Raleigh's Premier Krav Maga School!

So That One May Walk In Peace

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Raleigh's Premier Krav Maga School!


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Jeff Williams

Quintin is one of the better instructors I’ve worked with in any sport. He has the perfect blend of passion and intensity while keeping lessons fun and enjoyable. Best of all, Quintin takes th...

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Corey Bredderman

Quintin is a great coach, absolutely recommend to anyone interested in learning Krav!...

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Spence Anderson

Quintin is the real deal. I’ve trained with him for years. Very positive and motivating instructor. Highly recommend!...

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Michael DeCriscio

Quintin is a great instructor and all around wonderful person. My sons and I are thrilled to be working with him and highly recommend his class....

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Mary Gowland

Carolina Fighting Arts has a great community of people. The Instructor is an awesome black belt in Krav Maga and has a big heart for empowering everyone who walks through the door. If you are looking ...

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Stephen Allan

I have trained under Quintin, the owner, for three years now, and the impact he has made on my life has been nothing short of tremendous. He has helped me drop weight from 225 to 200; he has helped me...

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Krav Maga near Raleigh

Krav Maga

Our Krav Maga classes are designed to help men and women across Raleigh stay safe in the face of danger and react to a threat without wasting a second. We are committed to effective self-defense skills for any situation.

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Krav Maga near Raleigh

Kids Krav Maga

Through our Kids Krav Maga programs, we hope to empower kids and teens from around Raleigh with real-world self-defense skills, confidence, and perseverance. When you train with us, you're setting your child up for lifelong success.

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Family Martial Arts near Raleigh

Family Martial Arts

Our Family Martial Arts classes offer fundamental martial arts training and an incredible way for you and your loved ones to bond. This class is great for people all across Raleigh. No prior experience is required.

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Krav Maga near Raleigh

Women's Self Defense

Our Women's Self-Defense classes provide effective strategies that can keep women from all across our community safe in the face of real-world danger. Our system is the perfect way to learn efficient and effective self-defense skills in no time. Get started today and empower yourself in a community of other women!

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Dedicated To YOU

We're better than your everyday gym. When you train with us, you'll get world-class training from high-quality instructors, learn practical self-defense, build robust fitness, and discover a passionate community. The best part is, we cater to everyday men and women from across Raleigh, Wake Forest, and more! No matter your age, ability, or fitness level, we have a class that suits your individual needs, and our instructors are happy to provide hands-on guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Krav Maga is an elite form of self-defense renowned worldwide for its simplicity and effectiveness. Characterized by simple, instinctive responses against common attacks, Krav Maga can be learned by anyone, irrespective of gender, strength, or ability. We cater to beginners and black belts alike, and we can teach it to you. Carolina Fighting Arts is a supportive community here to encourage you to work hard, train hard, and reach your full potential!

Here at Carolina Fighting Arts, we also know how important it is to give back to our local community. We're proud to be active all across Raleigh with various service initiatives. Come join a group of supportive, hard working individuals with a drive to grow themselves and their community.

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